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Corporate And Business Flowers

Corporate Flowers

Shop Corporate Flowers at McCarthy Flowers and McCarthy - Remick Flowers! Our family-owned florists provide local business owners with a plethora of ways to incorporate flowers into their business. Hosting an event, business dinner, or presentation? Allow us to create captivating centerpieces and flower arrangements. Browse our original collection of corporate flowers, or request a personal designer to create something original. Need to send thank you gifts to your clients, employees, or customers? We can send flowers for you, anywhere in Scranton. We also can schedule standing orders: flower delivery to any home or business. To get started, enter your information below. Call us at (570) 343-1179 with inquiries.

Corporate Services

  • Corporate Account – Set up an account for your business. Pay immediately, or let us bill you when you want us to.
  • Weekly or Monthly Office Deliveries – Schedule a regular order of plants or flowers to any restaurant, home, office, or business in Scranton.
  • Client and Employee Deliveries – Deliver flowers and smiles to your employees and clients.
  • Corporate Events – Explore our collection. Don't forget to call the Scranton florists for custom flowers.
  • Office Plant Delivery and Recommendations – Indoor plants are always a good idea. Choose the plants that would best suit your office or business; then let us deliver them.

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